Moving In vs. Standing Apart

Hi Courage Compounders –

October has been a wonderful test for me to practice moving in vs. standing apart. I hope this month has found you getting closer to people who believe differently. As our theme introduces this month –  if we stay close to people we can focus on our many shared values instead of our differences of opinion or beliefs when we put people in groups.

Here are a couple of brief reflections how I’m paying attention to this month’s “work” and doing my best to compound courage by moving in.

  • I attended Mineral Point’s local homecoming activities and enjoyed myself in an environment I’m not comfortable in and typically try to avoid. I did my best (and I failed a time or two) to stay intentional by concentrating focus on the micro in front of me vs. the tribal dynamics and cultural undercurrents of exclusivity and one-upmanship I can be blinded by when I pan out to the macro. When I remind myself these parents, just like me, love their children and the community that’s given our kiddos so many opportunities, I can enjoy and celebrate with them instead of feeling isolated and disruptive. Because the truth is I can be invested in the people, school and success of Mineral Point AND want to see changes in traditions that leave many feeling invisible and ‘outside’.
  • We welcomed a student from Cornwall, England into our home for a visit. Mineral Point twins with the English community of Redruth, and students fly across the pond every year to learn about and from one another and the communities we call home. Sophia is hosting our new friend Adam. He’s quick witted and doesn’t take himself very seriously. He fits in so well – it’s made seeing him as one of us almost too easy. To be perfectly candid, I almost passed on the opportunity to host a student because I immediately thought “What if…?” and my head ran through a bunch of scenarios where we’d regret being uncomfortable for 10 days if took the leap. I’m so grateful I said yes and that I didn’t let the possibility of the unknown stranger keep us from meeting in real life. My kids, Adam and Kenzie (who Owen stayed with last year in Cornwall), and Trevor and I would have missed the wonderful opportunity for true human connection on a global scale. 

Leave a comment below to tell us about a time someone moved in to learn and know you. Tell us how that made you feel. I look forward to hearing from you!

In courage, 

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1 thought on “Moving In vs. Standing Apart”

  1. Terri Fugate

    Interesting….I just found this in my ‘unsubscribe’ folder in Microsoft Outlook. A tool to differentiate what is ‘worthy’ of my immediate notification and what is not. Of course, like any tool it only works as well as I utilize it. This message was greatly needed for me at this time. I have become extremely frustrated and internalizing negative comments on social media. I anticipate that will get worse as this year progresses. This was a refreshing reminder that we are more alike than not. Our DNA difference is miniscule. I will rethink my ‘departure’ from others.

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