I Have An Entourage. Who Do You Bring With You?

I’m going to be very honest with you this evening – it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Emotionally, both on a micro and macro level, I felt like I’d gone a round or two with Ronda Rousey and as you would expect, I got my bell rung. I realized I needed to take that tiny chair in the corner, get some salve smeared on my eyebrows and figure out how to not allow someone else’s swings to connect to my face.

Man, I hope some of you have watched UFC before or this newsletter is going to hit the mat harder than Randy Couture

In order to maintain a culture that allows me to manage the day to day and be prepared for the unexpected, I have to make sure I am spending every single minute in the pursuit of my purpose and moving toward what I value most. But you simply cannot spend every waking minute punching your way toward your purpose with the intensity of a prize fighter. Life’s battles require a bit more strategy than that.

Last week a jab, jab, punch at the end of a round left me wobbling around the ring, dazed and scared. I did what all smart warriors do – I leaned heavy on my team and listened. I gasped for air and listened as they whispered encouragement. I received hydration and listened as they pointed out flaws in my technique. As my sweat and tears dried, I listened to their reminders of just how far I’d come and their vision of how far I could go. I listened until my senses came back.

Then they stood me up, gave me a forceful push from behind and stepped back. Leaving me there to brawl alone – not because they were afraid or unwilling to fight, but because they knew with certainty their only role was to prepare me, support me and energize me. A long time ago, I decided if and when to be courageous with my life – this team is just here as reinforcements when I’m tired. These reinforcements are what I call The Game Changers.

The Game Changers are the entourage that surrounds you on your courageous journey. They have the lessons you need, the skills you seek, and the sight you lack. The Game Changers encourage and guide you by sharing their stories and wisdom. They don’t care where you end up or how you get there. They keep their opinions and comparisons to themselves and present you only with their experience, data and knowledge. Your job is to call them up and take what you need to build a stronger YOU. Game Changers elevate one or two brave steps into a courageous journey.

Last week I finally I stopped thinking, creating and connecting dots long enough to hear the shouts of my Game Changers. They were urging me to slow down, disconnect, and get very still. They showed me where I’d strayed from my plan. They let me lean heavy while I took what I needed to refocus my intentions and refine my actions. My list of Game Changers goes on for miles but I’ll stop with these 4:

My Top 4 Game Changers:

– Brené Brown

– Oprah

– Simon Sinek

– Glennon Doyle

As I grow my circle of Game Changers grows. When I’m able to learn new lessons I pull more from their wisdom and experience. They help me level up over and over again – even after what looks and feels like a TKO.

Who Are Your Game Changers and How Are They Helping You Elevate Your Life?

Be brave,


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