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About Compounding Courage

Hi! I’m Julie. Let me tell you a little story about how this all began.

Compounding Courage was born of my angst over the frustrating lack of courage in my personal and professional relationships, and my community.

It started when I became painfully aware of the limiting beliefs holding me back - “I am not educated enough.” “I’m not comfortable speaking in front to a crowd.” By examining the “hustle” running in my head and learning how to shift my mindset, I found the ability to free myself from the bullshit I had been taught, and started living a happier life and reaching new potential.

Disclaimer: this didn’t happen overnight.

This shift in my thinking allowed me to see just how many other people were giving up their voice and power to their fear of vulnerability and lack of trust. Again, I was frustrated. Important and difficult conversations were left unattended resulting in serious consequences.  I firmly believed we could positively impact our homes, communities, and workplaces if we started to address the dysfunctional culture of fear. A culture that was not only holding us all back, but was also putting future generations at risk.

So what did I do about it?

Using my own stories and vulnerabilities, I started connected with others. These connections revealed how starved women were for authentic leadership and conversations about real life. When I shared my unique experiences, friends and family members would reach out to tell me how I inspired them to take a small, brave step in their own lives. Their notes and messages re-inspired me to continue to share my stories of fear, disappointment, failure—basically life. For years, I was compounding courage one friend, blog, or social media post at a time.

I knew I had to do more…

After my cousin took his own life in the spring of 2018, I felt compelled to level up my one-off Facebook posts and the individual notes of inspiration. I knew I needed to go bigger and I needed help to get there. A couple of strong women in my community trusted my vision and together the three of us developed Compounding Courage.

So what do we do?

We are committed to providing safe and supportive spaces for people who want to elevate their lives and the lives of others with courage. Our personal growth and leadership development programs bring people together to see limiting beliefs, find their potential and learn how courage can help them create an extraordinary life. Our first live workshop, What If, was created to give women the lift and language needed to take the first (and often the hardest) step toward living a more fulfilling life by getting curious about who they are and what they want to do on their unique journey.

Meet the Compounding Courage Team

We talk a lot about labels; so, to introduce you to our team, we thought we'd use labels often found in about section to #highlightreal.

julie stephenson

Julie Stephenson

Human - seriously, everything else is just part of my story. Swearer - a well-timed f-word gets me (and sometimes gets me in ‘trouble’) everytime. Learner - struggling currently with how to raise courageous teenagers and why my dogs whine all night. Consumer - see you in the thrift shop, coffee shop, or pens and paper aisle. Connector - I cannot unsee how interdependent life is so I drive people (mainly my husband) crazy by playing real-life dot to dot all the time. Storyteller - in videos, words or photos - I love to tell our stories. Crier - I’ve turned into my friend Amy’s mother, Phyllis, I cry at the drop of a hat these days. Leader - wherever I am, in my community, in The Compound, and in my work. Author - ask me about Super Snacks for Super Kids. Nature-lover - look for me at the pond.
Stacey Thousand

Stacey Thousand

Wife - I have been married to the love of my life, Mike, for 14 years. Mom - I have 5 kids... that is like a million kids. Step-mom - 1 of those 5 amazing kids is my stepdaughter. Tennis player - you should totally check out my famous tennis move. Podcast junkie - can't get enough of these, the learnings are endless. Manager - I get pumped up working with team and meeting project goals. Fitness groupie - running, beach body workouts, HITT training... they all kick my booty. Daughter/Sister - I grew up in Lancaster on a farm with my parents and 4 brothers/sisters. Private dancer - no not that kind... in my kitchen with the babies. God's child - I feel so blessed for this life that god has gifted me.
Dana Gevelinger

Dana Gevelinger

Graphic designer - I started my own company! Sister - I’m the youngest, but not by much. Twin - no, not identical. Friend - I’m that friend that’ll make a trip itinerary and pack snacks. Volleyballer - I play, I coach, I watch. Small-town farm girl - I was born and raised on a dairy/beef farm in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Gardener - I mean I try. Chicken farmer - I have a 50% survival rate as of this writing - so I have 3 chickens (*correction I’m down to two). Dancer - I have zero training, but give 100% effort, and am in the top half of the dancers at most weddings. List-maker - I have post-its everywhere. Type A personality - it can get exhausting.

"For anyone who feels an inkling of being ready to share or hear another's story, asking yourself the hard questions to move forward or share space with brave strong women, sign up and show up. It could be for your first step or just another in your journey. Either way, it's a step forward."


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